Torba, Kaynar Cd No:15, 48400 Bodrum/Muğla



We welcome you on your way to Susona Bodrum, LXR Hotels & Resorts and bring you to our hotel with our limousine, where comfort is at the highest level.

Private Boat

In order to come to our hotel or attend our music events, all you have to do is use our private boat service! We take you from certain points and bring you to Susona Bodrum LXR Hotels & Resorts with comfort and magnificent Bodrum view.


The distance between Milas-Bodrum Airport (BJV) and Susona Bodrum, LXR Hotels & Resorts is 29 kilometers. This journey takes 25 minutes with your vehicle. Exit the airport and drive for about 1.7 kilometers.  Connect to the D330 road and continue towards Bodrum.  After approximately 26 kilometers, you will see the sign and the turn that will take you to Susona Bodrum LXR Hotels & Resorts. You can reach our hotel by following this road.

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Take the Havaş or Muttaş Airport Shuttles at the exit of domestic or international terminals of Milas-Bodrum Airport (BJV). With these shuttles, you will reach Bodrum Bus Station in approximately 45 minutes. It will then take approximately 20 minutes to reach Kaynar District by inner-city transportation. From here, Susona Bodrum, LXR Hotels & Resorts is approximately 5 minutes walking distance away. If you wish, you can also take a taxi from Bodrum Bus Station or Kaynar district.

You can get detailed information from Havaş and Muttaş‘s websites.

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